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Somebody Loves You

Debut Novel: Somebody Loves You

Mona Arshi's Debut novel "Somebody Loves You" was published in November 2021.

Somebody Loves You Reviews

  • 'Somebody Loves You is reminiscent at first of an old home movie shot on Super 8 film, the colours saturated but barely in focus . . . This is the camerawork of memory in action, what childhood recollection chooses to emphasise . . . For Ruby, speech is an inadequate mechanism for self-presentation . . . this is a book about silence as a subversive act of care.' Stephanie Sy-Quia, The Guardian
  • 'Amid . . . anecdotes spanning years of life in a handful of pages lies a tale that will sit with readers long after its final page.' Heather McDaid, The Skinny
  • 'In the best writing, what goes unsaid is often as important as what gets said, and there’s a lot left unsaid in Mona Arshi’s debut novel Somebody Loves You . . . her prose is pared to the bone, and she has a keen eye for detail, as well as a knack for memorable imagery.' Joshua Rees, Buzz Magazine

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Dear Big Gods

Second collection: Dear Big Gods

Mona Arshi's second collection 'Dear Big Gods' was publised in April 2019 and available to order from Liverpool University Press.

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Small Hands