Mona Arshi poetry


Entomological specimens

“Simply leaving specimens in a cyanide jar for a while sometimes will relax them, but this method is no reliable”
Centre of Insect Systematics


You will need to be pinned in the mi-
ddle of your thorax. And did you
know, that gin is preferable to vodka
in the relaxing jar? I once saw butterflies
mounted by an amateur; glassed too late-
they became infested by tiny insects.
I look over and you are transfixed-
composed. Perhaps it’s all the order-
the systems in this quiet and simple
world of corpses? Later, I saw spliced
spiders displayed on framed plastic slides.
I am choosing a pair of lashes that I
will wear for you. In the corner of my
eye  I thought I saw one twitch.


[Competition winner of World Events Young Artist Festival 2012.]


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