Mona Arshi poetry



Not even our eyes are our own...
- Frederico Garcia Lorca, The House of Bernarda Alba

I want to tune in to the surface, beside the mayfly
listen to how she holds her decorum on the skin of the pond.

I want to sequester words, hold them in stress positions,
foreignate them ,string them up to ripen on vines.

and I want to commune with rain and for the rain to be
merciful, a million tiny pressures on my flesh.

I refuse to return as either rose or tulip but wish
to be planted under the desiring night sky.

I want to be concentrated to a line under the pleat of your palm
and for it to radiate opalesque under shadow.

I want God's fingers to break and for you to watch as I
fold over my sleeve, reveal the detail of my paling wrist.


[Published in the Autumn issue of Poetry Review 2012.]


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